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Reviews of Regulatory Matters in Pharmacy

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Hello All!
My name is Jay Gilbreath, Pharm.D., MPA.  I have many years experience in multiple areas of pharmacy practice including clinical, retail, hospital, management, and regulatory.  
I have come to the realization that quite often I find holes in the sources (or at least discussions) of regulatory matters within pharmacy.  So, I decided that it would be a great opportunity for me to discuss regulatory matters in hopefully an informative manner within this blog setting…i.e., thus the creation of my blog —Pharmacy Regulatory Blurbs!  
My plan for this blog page is to touch on various aspects of the regulatory realm such as changes to federal regulations, DEA matters, controlled substance regulatory readiness, DCSCA readiness, maybe from time to time USP related matters, etc.  
This page should not to be construed as legal advice/counsel.  If you have individual questions regarding regulatory matters within your practice (especially regulatory visit findings), I highly recommend speaking to legal counsel.  Also, this page is my personal discussions and from time to time my opinions.  This should also not be construed as the opinion of my employer.  
I hope you find this blog helpful or at least allows you to think of what’s next in your path to regulatory compliance!

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