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Updates to Regulations Affected By Controlled Substance Act—Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

Hello all!

Shifting gears from DSCSA! So, the final rules have officially been implemented surrounding OUD treatment. For has been 20 years since this level of major adjustments to OUD treatment regulations have occurred!

Many of these changes have already been in practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These allowances have been formally placed as permanent changes due to the passing of new laws as well as the understanding that the allowances truly do help in the fight against OUD. The HHS document can be found here:

Some highlights include:

  1. The DATA waiver related to prescribing buprenorphine is officially gone (in the regs). The DEA has allowed providers to not require the use of the Waiver but it is officially in the language of the regulations. The enactment of Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 allowed for this.

  2. The language of number of patients a provider can treat (I.e., 30, 100, or 275) has also been removed. There are no patient caps.

  3. The provider that originally had to report to SAMHSA regarding patient treatment with buprenorphine is no longer in place.

  4. Changes to use of methadone is also noted with providers being allowed to dispense more doses of methadone sooner instead of requirement newer patients to come in each day to receive their doses. These changes were carryovers from COVID which allowed somewhat more freedom in dispensing and reducing the patients number of trips. It was realized these processes did seem to help the overall treatment of patients.

  5. Telehealth allowances are also established for buprenorphine initiation.

  6. Language that had become stigmatizing over the years was removed or modified in the regs as well.

Thanks Everybody!

Jay G.

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