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What is a regulation?

According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, a regulation (in the context of this blog and page in general) refers to:

a. an authoritative rule dealing with details or procedure

b. a rule or order issued by an executive authority or regulatory agency of a government and having the force of law

For more perspective, regulations are many and varied. They are developed by various "regulatory" bodies within government settings to maintain a certain level of consistency and meet certain requirements. The requirements set forth within regulations are often attributed to laws passed by various governing bodies such as federal government or state and local governments.

Various regulatory bodies have been developed to take the laws passed and develop more framework of compliance around those laws. Federally, in the United States there are various regulatory bodies such as the DEA, CDC, FDA, EPA, etc. In states, there are often similar regulatory bodies to these mentioned federal departments, but also, other types of regulatory bodies that deal directly with maintaining specific laws and regulations within the state (inclusive of individual and business registrations) such as Boards of Pharmacy, Boards of Nursing, Department of Public Health, etc.

For the purpose of this page, we will maintain the perspective of regulations affecting pharmacy practice. My plan is to regularly add short blurbs about various topics of concern and/or interest that hopefully you will find useful. If you find this content useful please do register with the blog and share with others you know would find this information useful.

I look forward to the future of this page!

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